Escrima Sticks



Product Description

The Escrima Concepts seasoned rattan sticks are of the highest natural quality and are all flame treated, then soaked and dried ready to be oiled and left to season and naturally dried and finally cleaned for use (using some secret techniques to put all the preparing together). This process takes 7 – 10 days as it creates the hardening process to make them strong and durable rattan sticks. The process helps improve the grip and gives a dynamic atmosphere as you smell the wood when training – it also protects the stick. When treated right, (only use rattan against rattan – not hardwoods such as Hickory) rattan can last for a very long time for training.


Medium Sticks 20-30mm cut at 65cm per length (25 inches approximately) – these are natural products therefore sizes may vary. The sizes may be slightly longer or shorter, or slightly thinner or thicker as we cannot know what sizes the vines are or how they taper in size but the above measurements are a good but not exact guideline.